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چت آنلاین

If you want to talk with us immediately you can click/tap on the chat widget located in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you start, the robot will ask you some general questions and then will transfer you to one of our trained agents who can assist you.


Why am I consenting to this privacy policy?

In different cases we might have to share your information to fulfill your need, for example:

  • - If you need a NT we have to share your information to our book responders to be able to deliver the bible to you.
  • - If you have a question that requires one of our Elam team members to assist you, our agents have to share your information so the team member would be able to help you better.
Why do you transfer me to WhatsApp?

For 2 reasons:

  • - In case we have to get back to you after a few days with the answer to your question or the delivery notice of your NT, it gives us the chance to do so, otherwise once you close the web page we have no way of getting back to you.
  • - We want to make sure of your security and the security of the information you give us.