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عظمت فیض خدا

AWESOMENESS OF GODS GRACE – series is designed to challenge and heighten your appreciation of the indescribable greatness of grace.PART 1: What is grace? The God of grace and the grace of God.PART 2: God's justice and judgement.PART 3: The uniqueness of grace in Christianity.PART 4 : God's wrath and God's gift of gracePART 5: Falling from grace – warnings against legalism.PART 6: Paul's teachings on grace from Galatians.PART 7: The sufficiency of the grace of God. (2 Cor 12)PART 8: Grace, the strength to praise God in all circumstancesPART 9: Sitting at His throne of grace (Heb 4v16)PART 10: Conclusions from the series